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Description of group programs

-Pilates : A method of exercise that aims to activate and strengthen the center of the body for alignment, correct posture and balance.

- Yoga : It is the best method to balance body and mind. This exercise routine includes movement, breathing, relaxation and focus.

- TRX : It is a method of training with straps using our body weight. It is a full body workout based on body weight exercises.

- Functional : Functional Training exercises the body in order to respond to daily activities. It includes strength, endurance and flexibility exercises.

- Indoor cycling: It is an aerobic training in which uphills and downhills, speed and intensity, so that the body has a complete workout. In a 45' lesson, approximately 500-700 calories are burned.

- Body bars : A class with bars which has a wide variety and combination of exercises that work the whole body based on music.

- Brazilian hips : It is a program based on hips training. 

- Power time : Dynamic class that aims to strengthen the whole body using equipment.

- Interval training: The right program for those aiming to burn fat. A workout that consists of alternating high and low intensity training.

- Endurance: A great program even for high level trainees. Using TRX straps and Spinning bikes we combine cardio and strength training.

- AB Killer : A program that combines the general strength of core based on the center.

- Stretching: Course aimed at improving flexibility with exercises performed at different rates and levels of difficulty.

- Cross training : High intensity aerobic and anaerobic program using equipment, for intermediate and advanced level.

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