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Entry to the gym is only allowed with sports clothes and shoes suitable for the workout.

Membership bracelet

The membership bracelet is necessary for the gym entrance and exit, using the lockers for your personal belongings, as well as for your participation in the group classes.

Workout sessions

The instructions of the trainers/gyms must be followed. Equipment such as dumbbells, discs and others, must be returned to their location after use. All equipment and machines should be used with care. Also, for safety reasons, workout without shoes is forbidden.

Behavior in the gym

In order for the training to be conducted in a pleasant atmosphere for all, the behavior of the members should be worldly and decent. During peak hours, please try to use the gym equipment with other people.

Hygiene in the gym

Please, always use a clean towel for your workout. Machines must be left clean after use. 

Personal items

Bodyfit is not responsible for any loss of personal items (valuables, clothes, money etc.). The same applies for items that have been forgotten in lockers.


Any damage to gym equipment must be repaired by the person who caused it.


For hygiene reasons, it is important to wear slippers in the showers. You have to come dry in the locker rooms after showering.

Locker rooms

We ask you to leave the lockers clean, empty and unlocked. For security reasons, all the lockers will be opened and emptied every day at 12 midnight.



Because we are always able to improve everyday, we ask you to convey all your suggestions and questions to the gym manager.



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