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We always provide you the best services, based on European standards & the latest developments on fitness, to achieve an ideal workout!



 State-of-the-art fitness equipment, a huge free weight area, functional area & much more await you!

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Group training

Together we do it better! 40+ hours of group training classes per week for every preference! ​Click here to see the description of group training.

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Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is an innovative way of exercising.

It can be a therapeutic form of exercise for a person with musculoskeletal difficulties but at the same time it can be a dynamic training for an athlete.

A training will convince you!

The Reformer Pilates service is available at the following gyms:

Bodyfit Stavroupoli & Bodyfit Downtown.

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Ladies Area

Women's Area!

A specially designed space with the necessary equipment for our women!

Now you have your own place to exercise!

The service is available in the following stores:

Bodyfit Stavroupoli & Bodyfit Downtown.

Electrolyte machine

In every Bodyfit gym you will find this innovative machine, which provides you isotonic drinks (electrolytes) in amazing flavors, for the best way of hydration.



A state-of-the-art solarium machine will give you a golden hue to your skin.

Prepare your skin for summer with relaxing music with this innovative machine!


Relax Area

After a busy day, after every workout, you totally need your time to relax.

You want your own Relax Area!

In each of our stores you will find a hydro massage bed, 

which can help you

to recover after training.



Fit test

With this fit test, we can see your progress during your fitness journey.

BODYfit always provide you the best services to make easier your workout, see your progress and help you achieve your goals!

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