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Within 4 years we managed to open our 4th Bodyfit gym in Thessaloniki! You will find us in the Eastern Center of Thessaloniki and, specifically, in the area of ​​Charilaou. A state-of-the-art gym that inspire lifestyle that you were looking for! ​ Cardio & fitness with high quality machines, in a place that will give you the motivation you needed. We can also provide you group training classes.

Our Bodyfit special services are, among others, the Fit Bar which provides free & unlimited isotonic drinks for the best way of hydration. Also, the Relax Area will become your favorite, since it offers you a massage and the recovery you need after training.

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You will find us in Charilaou, at Alexandrou Stavrou 15, P.C. 54644.

Opening Hours
Monday 08:00-23:00 Tuesday 08:00-23:00 Wednesday 08:00-23:00 Thursday 08:00-23:00 Friday 08:00-23:00 Saturday 10:00-20:00 Sunday 11:00-15:00

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